Monday, February 27, 2012

A Good Father


Da-da, daddy, dad.  All words that this wonderful guy has been called by his children at their various stages of life.  He is a steady rock in their lives.  There every day to listen, to bounce ideas off, to play with, to hug, to love.

Since they were little he has been available to them.  Changing their diapers, giving piggy back rides, wrestling, throwing them high in the air until they were too big.  Teaching them to walk.  Teaching them to talk.  Teaching them to drive.  Teaching boys to be men.  Teaching a daughter how to be treated.  Teaching from God's word.


I watch my husband in his role as father and think how blessed my children are.  Blessed with something I didn't grow up with.  Blessed because they won't know the pain of unavailability.  They won't need to fill empty spaces with something that will never expand enough to fill it.

Because they don't feel that emptiness, they will never realize how sweet their lives are.  And that's a good thing. 


Their father is frail as we all are.  He is sinful as we all are.  He fails as we all do. 


He is humble in admitting his weakness.

He is humble in asking forgiveness.

He teaches by picking himself back up and showing them what perseverance looks like.

He is loved not just by them, but by me.  Loved because he is teaching me what fatherhood is about.  What our Heavenly Father intends.  What our Heavenly Father means when He says, "I love you."  "I want to give you good things."  "I want a relationship with you."  I see in my husband what true fatherhood is all about.

He is a good father. He is loved.

This week I'm thankful for the blessing of my husband #886-900.

♫ An unexpected afternoon to go out with my husband.
♫ Knowing that he works hard to provide.
♫ Watching him turn red from laughter.
♫ Good natured teasing.
♫ Knowing that I'll hear a wonderful message each week.
♫ Lying next to him, hugging him and hearing him pray each night before we sleep.
♫ Hearing him chat with our sons about their future.
♫ Listening to him share advice from God's word with others.
♫ Knowing that when I ask him for advice, I'll get wisdom.
♫ Seeing my daughter snuggle up next to him on the couch.
♫ The encouragement that constantly pours from his heart.
♫ Watching him have a jam session with all three children.
♫ Seeing the delight on his face when I make his favorite meals.
♫ That wacky sense of humor.

and finally...

♫ The wonderful example he sets for his children.