Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stephen!


Nineteen years ago, this darling, brown eye boy was born at 2:20 in the morning. He has brought us so much joy and laughter the past nineteen years.

Stephen is laid back and gentle. I remembering getting upset with some boy who was tormenting him constantly in school in 7th grade. Finally, I told him that he needed to grab this kid by the shirt and let him know he'd had enough. Stephen left the room and came back a few moments later with tears in his eyes. He said, "Mom, I can't do that because my heart tells me it's not the right thing to do." I got zinged by the Holy Spirit that day!

He is a perfectionist and he gets frustrated if he doesn't pick something up immediately.

He is artistic. He loves to draw and write and play guitar.

He is a nature lover. Often I look out the window and see him wandering through the woods, deep in thought.


He is goal oriented. He knows what he wants to do and is determined.

He gets along with everyone. He has friends from all walks of life.

He is funny. He has a quick wit that keeps us in stitches.

He is loved. His father and I love him. His brother and sister love him. I can't imagine life without our middle child in it.

Happy Birthday, Stephen! We love you!