Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Blog


Words. There seem to be so many words crowding my brain all day long. Some days it feels as if my brain is going to explode with all the thoughts that are rattling around in there.

Things I want to say. Things I think. Words I want to get out and down on paper before they disappear.

I often have a hard time expressing what I really want to say when I'm talking. Don't get me wrong. I can communicate and I do a LOT of it! LOL But, what is difficult is the deep down thoughts and feelings. The things that I can't seem to say when someone is looking at me.

When I try, my thoughts seem disjointed and the words come haltingly and in a way that even to me, don't communicate well. Or I feel things so deeply that as I'm trying to communicate it brings tears to my eyes and I'll start to cry. That's always embarrassing that I can't even get a thought out without it invoking such emotion. Besides, no one wants to talk to someone who is always blubbering! LOL!!!

Those are the words that need a place to come pouring out. And that is why I blog.

I blog to...

♥ Journal my life and my family's lives for extended family.

♥ Have a creative outlet for my thoughts and emotions.

♥ To minister to those who may be feeling or thinking the same thing.

♥ To teach truths from God's word.

♥ To challenge others to think differently.

♥ To bless others.

♥ To remember.

Some days the words don't come. Some days I have too many words and need to divide them for different days. Some days the words are difficult to get out. Some days they come pouring out. But they don't seem to ever dry up.

So that is why I blog.