Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I've had a mixture of the good, bad and ugly this week.


► Stephen did very well on his college placement exam.

► We had a wonderful work day at the church and the trees that fell on the lawn and property over the winter have been cut down and cut up and the place looks great.

► Nathan met with his job developer and the guy was extremely excited and encouraging about Nathan's experience with the fire department and rescue squad and we are on the way to finding a job!

► Gorgeous weather has been here every single day!


► Emily sprained her foot and is now wearing a boot for two weeks.  Just in time for.......TRACK!  It seems to now be a yearly Spring event with her.  Spring time = broken bone or injured limb.

► I spent Saturday night in the emergency room for 3 hours with possible heart attack symptoms.  Turns out it wasn't a heart attack.  My heart & blood pressure are fine.  It may just be stress.

► I've literally driven 200 miles in 4 days - doctor's appointments, driving Stephen to work and back, driving to school and back, driving to driving school, college for placement tests, etc.

► I can't go to my cousin's birthday party as planned because I don't want to chance taking our van all that way.

► Nathan has a sinus infection.


► Emily came home in tears today because the bus driver accused her of calling two kids very bad names.  She didn't do it but the driver handled the whole thing inappropriately and now I get the task of calling the school and bus company and dealing with unpleasantness which I hate.

► STRESS!  I feel so stressed and anxious this week.  My stomach has been churning all week.  I have a headache and just feel ill. 

I need to really settle and evaluate and pray and be calm but I need to find some time to do that!

Needless to say, there has been no crafting and will be no craft thread tomorrow.  I'm having a friend for tea in the morning and I'm hoping that this will weekend will be far more relaxed and help to just settle down.

God is good and I'm looking to Him for my strength but I just really needed to get that off my chest tonight.