Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Celebrations


I have tried really hard to develop celebrations with my children that center around different holidays, birthdays and other special events.  Certain things were easier when they were little but now they are teens and young adults I still think it's important to do that.  Making special times with them now will help them as adults to do this with their own families.

One thing that we've started doing on Good Friday is having a shabbat meal with friends.  It was a way to stop in the busyness of the weekend and remember what Christ has done for us and the meaning of his death.

I started out by setting the table with my nicest dishes and decorating it to look pretty.


Both families came prepared to say a blessing over each person in our families.  It was neat to see the kids putting a lot of thought into what they had to say and all three of them typed theirs up.  In fact, something that was really special to me was Nathan telling me earlier in the day that he didn't want my help.  He has multiple learning disabilities which include writing at about a 1st grade level.  Yet, worked hard at what he wanted to say and spent a long time typing it up. He told me, "I want to do this myself."  And his blessings were beautiful.

Everyone came dressed in their finest.


Dan read scripture and we took communion together and read a blessing over the cup and bread.  Then we sang the benediction before we began a leisurely meal.


My children eat pretty much anything but because we had another family with us, I made foods that I knew they would like.  We had matzo ball soup, challah bread with cinnamon butter, roast turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy (I won't tell you about the gravy mishap ), corn, pickles, and apple crisp for dessert.

My children look forward to this.  It is a special time where we observe the crucifixion of Christ and what he did for us.  It is a time where we speak blessing into each others' lives.  It is a time of fellowship, fun, and love.


Celebrations are wonderful and it's important to the life of your children to have these high points in their lives.  Some are little, others are big, but all are ways to solidify the closeness of your family!

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