Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Ground


“Do not come any closer,” God said to Moses. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

There have been very few times when I have felt this way.  Saturday afternoon was one of those times.  As I had to drive back home from a ladies retreat, I was exhausted and worried.  Worried about how I was going to stay awake for the 250+ miles home.   I had also been very anxious lately.   My stomach had been churning for days and I had this headache that just wouldn't go away.

As I was driving down the highway, trying my best to stay awake with 3 hours still to go, I felt the pressing urge to pray.  So I did.  For 2 straight hours.  Aloud with tears streaming down my face.

And it was cleansing.

God was there.  I felt his presence.  I felt my anxiety slipping away.  I felt my tiredness melt away.  It was a strange experience, but it was good.  Very good.

I came back feeling refreshed.  And it is funny because our retreat each spring is called Spring Refresh.  I wasn't refreshed because of the retreat.

I was refreshed because for 2 hours in my car I was on holy ground.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #1,001-1,015.

♥ A wonderful retreat away with 300 women.

♥ Catching up with old friends.

♥ A mama sitting on her nest.


♥ Beautiful worship.

♥ Praying aloud, alone in a car for 200 miles.

♥ Plants ready to go in the ground.


♥ Teaching children.

♥ Lilacs beginning to bloom.


♥ Coffee with my husband.

♥ Stretching out in my own bed.

♥ Silliness.


♥ Peace.

♥ Making it through a tough financial week.

♥ Praying for my daughter each night.

and finally...

♥ Standing on Holy Ground.