Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On Sunday, I made the 4 hour trip with friends to drop our daughters off at our denomination's Bible camp for the week.  This is something Emily looks forward to every year!


The thing I love about this camp is that it provides lots of fun activities such as swimming in the lake, games, sports, jewelry making, archery, cupcake decorating, etc. But more than that, it provides them with a chance to get to know the Lord better.  There is a daily chapel service with music, skits, and a speaker.  The counselors have their own Bible study with the campers each day.

I also like the fact that each day, the camp posts pictures on their website of the campers.  It's exciting to try and find your child in the pictures!  They also have a way that you can email the camper each day.  This year, I tucked a note for each day in Emily's suitcase. On Wednesday they deliver Hershey's Kisses to the campers with a note from the parents.  Since Emily can't have chocolate, I made sure I left some Skittles with the administration.

Each year, Emily has a positive experience and always comes back closer in her walk with the Lord.  It's a wonderful thing!


I'm especially happy because as a pastor and pastor's wife, Dan & I want the teens and children in our church to grow closer to God.  Two years ago, the only children who went to camp were Emily and Stephen.  Last year there were five of them.  This year eight teens are going!  It's exciting to see their enthusiasm.

This week was for middle school and next week, we have 6 high school age teens going. I'm praying that they have a very positive experience this week and next.