Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bumper Crop

This was the first year that I ever grew potatoes and after looking at a few books, and talking to people I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  They looked pretty easy and everything went well.  The tubers sprouted and grew into lush looking plants.  Because I grew them in buckets, the woodchuck we have living here left them alone.  I was told that when the tops die off it is time to dig them up.

Because I grew them in buckets, all I had to do is dump them out and pull out the potatoes. I had 3 very large 25 gallon buckets.  And wow!  What a bumper crop!  I had to share the picture and let me apologize for the blurriness of it..

Wait for it.......

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I actually burst out laughing when I saw it!

Bumper crop?  NOT!   My whole garden started out looking really good but has gone the way of these potatoes.

To sum up...
1. Huge beautiful lettuce & cabbage plants wiped out by my woodchuck.

2. Huge, green leafy tomatoes - I pulled off the suckers & unproductive leaves and ended up with blossom end rot. Every single plum tomato so far is rotting on the vine. (4th year in a row).

3. Big Boy tomatoes so large that as they ripen they are splitting and starting to rot where they have split.

4. Peas - what a lot of space and work for very little production.

5. Green beans - Got 2 pickings off them until the above mentioned wood chuck wiped them out.

6. Peppers - took forever to blossom and now I have about 4 peppers on 12 plants.

7. Spaghetti squash - stupid me planted 2 hills of them and now literally have a number of giant-sized squash.  However, the plants themselves are dying off because it's been so hot & dry.

8. Butternut squash - same as spaghetti squash.

9. Cucumbers - same as squash.

Apparently I don't have a green thumb. I did get a bumper crop though....