Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day #6 - Food Challenge

Today was day #6 of the food challenge.  I'm happy that I made it through the week.  Dan gets paid tomorrow, but I'm going to keep going another day or two until we have time to go grocery shopping.  Dan did an airport run yesterday and got a few dollars so we did pick up milk, half and half, sugar and some lettuce.  Other than those few things, my goal was to make do and we did!

Everyone fended for themselves for breakfast & lunch.

Dinner was fresh tomato and basil pasta sauce over whole wheat pasta.

Homemade Italian Bread and salad.


This week was good because the meals were filling and no one felt deprived.  The only thing we were missing was fresh fruit and the veggies were limited because my garden stunk this year! lol  So I'd say it was a success!