Saturday, August 25, 2012

Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone


You know the start of the Bible verse, "Man does not live on bread alone...?"

Well, in this case, we may have to this week! LOL!!!  One of the problems, or maybe it's a blessing, of living without credit cards is when you come to the end of your money, it's really the end!  Between the church and Dan's extra job we have enough to pay our bills (which are a few), purchase gas & eat.  

There isn't extra for vacations, clothing, car repairs, a new vacuum (which broke), etc.   If we do anything out of the ordinary, like the recent trip to the aquarium, it cuts into the food budget.

One glitch we ran up against is that both boys have their licenses but that raised our car insurance an extra $250 per month which we do not have.  Until they have jobs, they are unable to contribute to this.  Dan gets paid next Friday and after filling up the cars we have absolutely zero, zilch, nada to live on for the next week.  Anyone else noticing that gas prices have gone through the roof again?

I am posting this NOT to whine and complain but to challenge myself this week.  My challenge is to come up with tasty, filling meals to get us through the week.  I do have $8 in my purse which I can use to pick up some milk.  I have some meat in the freezer, pasta, rice and some veggies so the first part of the week shouldn't be too difficult.  

I started the challenge last night with....

Split pea soup with bacon and homemade Challah bread with homemade jam.  Not the favorite meal around here but after sewing & canning all day long it was the best I could come up with on short notice. 

I'll keep you posted on what the day's menu.  If it looks especially tasty, I'll post a picture.  lol  I'm posting it here because if I make a game out of it, it may actually be fun! I hope!  ;-)