Monday, August 27, 2012

Multitude Monday

Can someone be joyful in the midst of difficult circumstances?  Is it possible?   Does joy bubble up out of you? Do you find yourself looking at your glass as half empty or half full? Can you find the positive in almost any circumstance or do you tend to dwell on the negative?

When life hands you lemons, how can you make lemonade?

The best definition of joy I've ever heard was "joy is the settled knowledge that God is in control of all things". There is no doubt in your mind. You know that the Lord has things under control and it's up to Him to make a way.

I like to believe I'm joyful, but if the truth were to be told, more often than not I act like God doesn't exist when it comes to difficult circumstances. I pray and tell the Lord that I'm turning something over to Him, but I keep taking it back and dusting it off and turning it over and over in my mind.  

God is not one to pry my fingers off the thing I'm worried about.  He won't force me to turn it over to Him.  He'll sit back and wait until I'm ready.  He is good like that.  But if I would learn to leave the worry in His capable hands, my life would be a lot more peaceful.  I'd get much more sleep.  I wouldn't have knots in my stomach or wrinkles from furrowing my brow.

My challenge to all of us this week is to be joyful "in the midst". To trust God. To be peaceful and calm. To know that the Lord is in control. That's a big task, but not impossible.  

Open your hand and let go of that worry.


This week I'm thankful for blessings #1,151-1165.

Having my husband home for the coming week.
♥ A son who starts college today.
♥ Tomatoes from a friend.
♥ Making do, using up, and wearing out.
♥ A husband who loves us and provides.
♥ The wonderful smell of onions, garlic and peppers cooking together.
♥ A roof over our head.
♥ A daughter excited about homeschooling.
♥ 42 quilts made for newborn babies.
♥ The giggles of a 3 year old.
♥ Teaching children truths from the Bible.
♥ Naps.
♥ Curling up with a good book.
♥ An unexpected phone call and blessing.

and finally...

♥ Learning joy in the midst.