Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Day of Summer Vacation


Yesterday we enjoyed our last day of summer vacation before Dan starts back to work and I start school with Emily.  We are actually starting school tomorrow but yesterday really marked the end of summer.

We spent it with these two fun people, my aunt & uncle.

It was a wonderful morning hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail that runs through Connecticut and along the Housatonic River.


My aunt & uncle got to know my children better.  Emily came away with a new enthusiasm for getting a dog after my aunt , the veterinarian technician, told her all about the benefits of owning one! lol


My uncle wowed us with his knowledge of EVERYTHING!  (literally)


I got to enjoy nature, got some much needed exercise and the kids had a great time.



We came back to the house for a barbecue and then a time of basketball and throwing a football around.  It was definitely the type of thing I need to do more often because I slept like a baby last night!