Monday, September 10, 2012

Multitude Monday

I have no pictures this week, just a heart singing with thankfulness!

This week I'm so very thankful for blessings #1,187-1200.

♫ A great first week of home school.
♫  Art lessons in exchange for housecleaning.
♫ Seeing the spark of understanding in my daughter's eye.
♫ Hearing my son chatting excitedly about college with Dan.
♫ A number of orders for aprons.
♫ Gorgeous blue skies and a drop in humidity.
♫ Talking to my mother.
♫ A fun day with my aunt & uncle.
♫ My husband home earlier than he was all summer.
♫ Chatting with a missionary.
♫ The laughter of my children as they talk with each other.
♫ A productive crafting week.
♫ Seeing new things in scripture.

and finally...

♫ Loving the weekly counting of blessings!