Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Shining


As I was walking through the graveyard by my house the other day, I came across this on one of the headstones and thought, "I would LOVE this on mine!"  I want to live my life so that it doesn't give me the glory, but gives it to God.

I want people to know Him and the peace He brings.

I want to do good deeds not for my own glory, but to point people to Jesus.

I want my light to SHINE!

I have to say that it doesn't always happen.  Some days I feel like I barely drag myself through the day, let alone do anything good.  Other days, I think I really, really get in the way.  There are times when I fear people don't praise the Father in Heaven because of me.

At the end of our lives, can it be said that your light shown bright?  That you illuminated the path to the Lord?  That you lit up a room with the love of God?

Let's let those little lights shine bright!