Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peaceful & Productive


Today has been so peaceful and productive.  It's very warm and humid here for October and today is rainy.  So it's a good day to stay in the house and get things done.  There are days when I have this anxious knot in my stomach and feel like I'm raising against some self-imposed clock.  Today has not been like that.  I've gotten so much done but have felt very calm and relaxed. 

So far today...

♥ Made bacon, eggs and hash browns and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with all three children.

♥ All the kids stripped their beds and I've done about 5 loads of laundry.

♥ Deep cleaned Nathan's room.

♥ Deep cleaned the upstairs hallway.

♥ Cleaned upstairs bathroom.

♥ Made lunch - a stir fry, using up all the remnants in my refrigerator.

♥ School with Emily - devotions, read with her about Copernicus and related it to other things happening scientifically, culturally and historically during that time period, math, grammar, English, and then watched a video on the life of Bach & Mozart.

♥ Vacuumed our bedroom.

♥ Cut out fabric for a gift.

I'm getting ready to make pizza dough and put together pizza for dinner (Hawaiian chicken or tomato, onion & feta).  Tonight I'm planning on getting some craft things done.

I wish every day was this productive and I really wish every day was this peaceful!