Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project #1

A few weeks ago I posted that I wanted to get some things organized around here.   I'm making some good progress and finished one room so far.

My living room is a fairly large room and is long.  I had the furniture around the perimeter of the room but I wasn't really satisfied with how it looked.  So after fiddling around with things the past week, I came up with an arrangement that makes me happy.  It also feels cozier.

Here is one end of the room.

The other. Yep, I have to put that laundry away!  The white basket by the window is full of magazines that I still have to go through and then it will be moved under the end table.

The set up is great for watching movies or entertaining guests. The piano used to be under the blue clock and moving it to the other end of the room helped free up some space to put the easy chair and bookcase there.

I'm almost done with my dining room and I'll post some pictures when it's finished.

What do you think so far?