Monday, November 5, 2012

A Gaggle of Teens

I love the teens in our church!  They are a great group of kids who love coming each Sunday.  In fact, our worship leader brings many of them and he and his wife had to bring two cars this past Sunday to fit them all in!  We are a small church of about 30-40 adults, and yet have any where from 10-15 teenagers coming each week.

I think a lot of the reason they like our church is that they feel loved.  We include them in our service and they know we want them there.  They help out in the nursery, children's church, worship team, and doing power point.  They really bring a lot of life to our church.

This past Sunday, I began teaching a small group for the teens.  This is just a once a month class that happens before our morning service.


I'm working through a book entitled, "The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers."  This Sunday we talked about who God is by learning about God as our Father.  Even though our earthly fathers are imperfect and let us down from time to time, God is always there for us.


I think it went well.  One of the girls asked me about 20 times when the next class was going to be. :-) I'm happy that they love coming.  Even though, they can make things a bit chaotic at times, I can't imagine our church without their joyful chatter each week!