Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Chapter


It's been a rocky kind of year here with lots of changes.  For those of you who don't know me, I hate change!  It makes me feel very unsettled and down.  

I find myself in the position of having 2 more adult men in the house and a teenage girl.  My role has changed and there are many days when I blow it big time!

There are two men who come and go as they need to.  They have schedules that do not revolve around our family.  They've outgrown so many of the traditions we've done in the past or their schedules don't allow them to participate. 

Then there is a daughter who is growing up and has a changing body and the hormones to go with it.  She's not a little girl anymore and I have to keep remembering to stop treating her that way.

There are days when I feel frustrated and angry when I go through this dance with the boys, trying to figure out a different way to say something so they won't feel I'm babying them.   Other days, it's difficult dealing with a daughter who has raging hormones while I myself, am starting that stage of life when my own hormones are raging!  I feel sad and a loss as I realize that things we used to do aren't working anymore and so I must retire that activity.  

So I'm floundering and trying to find my way in this new territory.

There are good things that come with this though.

♥ Our conversations are on an adult to adult level quite regularly.
♥ I'm seeing their own hopes and dreams surfacing and being lived out.
♥ I can see the fruits of our labors over the years.  Some of the character qualities we've tried to instill in them are actually coming out of them!
♥ I have another young lady in the house who is maturing and becoming a good companion.
♥ I have two extra drivers to help with things. ;-)
♥ It keeps me on my knees in prayer and that is always a good thing.

So while this change is not all good; it is necessary.   And as is so often the case, life goes on and I must change with it!