Friday, November 30, 2012

Crafty Things


I've been busy crafting the past few weeks, but keep forgetting to post them here.  Everything but the cards are in my Etsy shop.  Now, I do have a question for you Etsy sellers.  Do you find that you get many sales?

I get maybe a few hits a week.  In the past nine months since I opened it, I've had 7 sales and 5 of those sales were from people who know me "in real life" or from reading my blog.   Or what inevitably happens is that I post it on Etsy and also on the facebook page I created and then someone on facebook will want to buy it.  Since I have to pay a fee each time I post it on Etsy, I'd almost be better off just posting it on the facebook page.  

 I'm starting to feel like it's a lost cause to keep trying to sell on Etsy.  What do you think?  

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or maybe I'm not doing anything wrong.  I don't feel like I can price things any lower because then I might as well give it away for free.  For example, it takes me an hour to make a fully lined apron.  I charge $20.  If it is costing me anywhere from $10-$13 for the material, then I'm basically making $7-$10 per hour.  Whoopy-dee-doo!!  

I'd love some feedback!

Anyway, here are my latest creations.

2 tote bags.


A table runner. (needs to be ironed).

Some cards.


I've also been working on table favors/decorations for a ladies Christmas tea I'm hosting at church next Saturday.

What have you been crafting?  I love seeing all your beautiful crafts.