Monday, November 5, 2012

Multitude Monday

The first Sunday of each month we partake in communion.  We drink the cup and eat the bread, symbolizing Christ's blood spilled and body broken for us. A life was given so that we may live.  A sacrifice made so that we could have hope.

Yet, as my husband mentioned yesterday, how many of us partake the cup of life and remember Christ's sacrifice and then turn around and spew death and hatred?  


We sit in church and eat the bread, reflect and pray and look pious and then go home and think nothing of posting the most vile and hateful things on facebook.  We don't hesitate to spout off about our views and our thoughts without considering others' thoughts and feelings.  We spend our time gossiping, complaining and criticizing.


There is an election tomorrow and I'm concerned.  Not concerned about the outcome of the election, but concerned about how politics can divide people who follow Jesus.  

This is the same Jesus who taught peace and love and concern for our neighbors.  Jesus who looked past the sins of the Samaritan woman and looked deep into her soul and saw her hurting.  Jesus who hung on the cross in the most horrific death known to humankind and said, "Father, forgive them."  Jesus, who in the midst of his unbearable suffering and pain, turned to a criminal next to him and concerned himself with this man's request, "Remember me."


How can we look so righteous one moment and yet spew out words of hatred, division and ugliness?  How can we believe that this pleases God?  How can we lift our eyes in self-righteousness and point our fingers that are dripping blood? Blood that spilled for our sin.  Blood poured out for our guilt.  Blood streaming from a hole in his side and puncture wounds for our vileness?  

Our blood-stained fingers write another's sin in the sand while ignoring our own.  We choose to spit out words that hurt, maim and kill.  As my husband preached yesterday, we drink the cup of life and then go out and pour out a cup of death. 

And God must sit in heaven and weep.  Weep for the division among his followers.  Groan that we are majoring in the minors.  Sigh at the utter lostness of people who have been found.


My prayer on Tuesday is that there will be an awakening in this country among believers.  We are followers of Christ, not followers of a political party.  Our hope is not in our president.  Our government is not our savior.  Our hope should be in Christ alone.  Nations rise and nations fall, but one thing remains constant.  That is that we have life through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


This week I'm thankful for blessings #1291-1305.

♥ Rising before dawn to read and praye.

♥ The smell of fresh brewed coffee.

♥ Emily's maturity.

♥ The ticking of the clock in the silence.

♥ Warm socks on cold feet.

♥ The sound of the furnace kicking on.

♥ Surviving the storm with our power intact.

♥ Muscles relaxing, breathing slowing, and falling into a deep sleep.

♥ The pleasure our cat takes in his toys.

♥ Teens who love their small group.

♥ A church who blessed us yesterday.

♥ The whir of a vacuum, scooping up dirt.

♥ Mint hot chocolate.

♥ A clean house.

and finally...

♥ The realization that my hope is in Christ alone.

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  1. our preacher preached on that exact subject yesterday! :)
    Wonderful blessings Terri...enjoy your Monday!



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