Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 - The Year of Milestones

I was reflecting back over 2012 and I realized that if one word could sum up this year it would be milestones.

#1 - I turned 50 years old in January.  I certainly don't feel 50, but it's official.  I'm half a century! ;-)  Dan threw me a surprise party.


#2 - After counting my blessings for over a year, I hit the 1,000 mark and decided to continue on.

#3 - Nathan turned 21 years old.


#4 - Emily turned 13 years old.  She's officially a teenager!


#5 - In June both Nathan and Stephen graduated from high school.  Technically, Nathan had finished the year before and finished up one more year in the technical school he was attending and Stephen graduated in the traditional way.


#6 - We had a graduation party for both them.


#7 - Both boys got their driver's licenses in the summer - Nathan in July and Stephen in August.  Look out drivers!


#8 - Stephen began his life as a college student.  He loves it and is doing well and just finished up his first semester.

#9 - After a three year hiatus, I started homeschooling Emily again.  So far it's going well and we are both enjoying it.

#10 - Nathan got a job working in a local grocery store, stocking shelves.  He loves it and looks forward to going to work.  They like him and have given him more hours.  He works anywhere from 25-30 hours per week which is great for him.

#11 - Nathan also got elected as lieutenant of the local fire company.  He officially starts in January.  It's a volunteer basis and requires more responsibility.  He is living out his dream!

So there you have it!  Our 2012 year of milestones.  

Of course, this coming year will have it's own share of milestones.  Dan turns 50 this year and we also celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  Life is good!