Friday, December 7, 2012

Exciting News


I know I just posted a blog post last night, but this was too exciting to wait.  The fire company that Nathan volunteers for held elections last night to elect new officers and Nathan was voted in as a lieutenant of his station.  Whoo hoo!!!!!

Dan & I are so proud of him.  He has overcome so much and still struggles every single day with things that you and I take for granted.  Yet, he is a hard worker.  He is positive.  He has high goals.  He expects to do something in his life.  He told me the other day that he was afraid of dying.  I asked him if there was some spiritual reason for that and he said, "No, I just feel like I'm supposed to do something and I'm afraid to die before I get it done."  That brought tears to my eyes.

He is working at a local grocery store and doing wonderfully there.  They've upped his hours and he is working basically five days per week, which vary.  They like him and say he is a hard worker and picks things up quickly.

He's had a rough life and there have been some major bumps in the road, but he keeps pushing and moving forward.

Way to go, Nathan!