Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's been amazing to me over the course of the past few months to see how mature Emily is becoming.  She is turning into quite the capable young woman.  Even with dealing with her health issues, she is diligent about doing what she needs to do to try and get her eczema under control. 

It has been encouraging for me to see this because it's difficult raising children.  You wonder if they are getting any of the lessons you try and teach them and also there are times, when I need to let go and actually let them do things without me!

A woman at church approached Emily about fixing a robe of hers.  Emily has never done anything so complicated and it was difficult for her, but she did a great job with just a little direction from me.


Usually when she bakes, I'm there helping but this past weekend she wanted to make Christmas cookies on her own without me.  She did it and did wonderfully and the cookies were delicious.


My baby girl is growing up and I'm very proud of the young lady she is turning into!