Monday, December 17, 2012

Multitude Monday

Continuing to pray and think of those families suffering right now, yet at the same time not wanting to lose myself in another person's pain and lose sight of my own family right here before me.

Technology is wonderful but it can also be a burden.  It's easy to make this "techno" world more of the reality than my "real" world.   So I'm praying and feeling sadness, yet want to not forget the blessings I have in front of me. 

Today I'm thankful for blessings #1382-1405.

Children who are becoming responsible and hard-working.

♥ That I heeded the inner nudging 11 years ago to quit my more than full-time job and focus on my family.

Dealing with special needs on a daily basis.  It keeps me on my knees and teaches me about how little I know and how much I need to rely on God.

♥ The ability to wake up each day and read to my daughter, create something in the kitchen or sewing room or write.

♥ A husband who keeps me grounded, who loves his family more than himself, and does without for us.

♥ A church family that I adore.  They have been with us through the valleys and the highs and they have taught me much about myself.

Doing a sewing order and getting paid more than was asked.

♥ Nathan, who gets up and heads out the door to go on an ambulance or fire call no matter the time of day or night.

♥ My mother, who taught me much about making do, using up, doing without and wearing out to make ends meet.  

♥ Laughing with my family over silly, little things.

♥ Stephen's good grades this semester; his first at college.

♥ The ability to sew and create things with my hands.  

♥ Beautiful fabrics.

♥ A worship team that is fun, humble, and flexible.

♥ Gifts from unexpected sources.

♥ Resourcefulness.

♥ Reading my Bible, and gleaning new and previously, unseen truths from it.

♥ Singing.

♥ Being able to take a few simple vegetables, stock, and a bit of meat and create a delicious meal.

♥ Peppermint.

♥ Reading God's word with my daughter every day.

♥ Having just enough, at exactly the time I need it.  It keeps us dependent on God and His provisions and not ourselves.

♥ The flexibility of homeschooling.

and finally...

♥ Having my children home and safe tonight.