Monday, December 31, 2012

Take #2

We had planned our annual holiday open house for month and Saturday, the day we scheduled it for looked clear and nice.  Then a few days ago, they changed the forecast.

We ended up with this...


Since the majority of our guests were coming over a mountain and the snowplows tend to take their own sweet time, we ended up postponing the party until today.

I was disappointed because a number of people were no longer going to be able to come, but I ended up spending a nice relaxing afternoon drinking tea and watching birds out my window.



It also gave me a couple of extra days to prepare.  So this afternoon we will have Take #2 of our holiday open house.  I've been busy baking and cooking to get ready.

I plan on putting things out at different times since the open house is from 1-9 p.m., with people stopping by at different times. 

We're having the following dishes/appetizers:

Veggie platter with spinach dip
Crackers/bread & cheese
Garlic cream crostini
Bruschetta with capers and olives
Hot crab dip and crackers
Hummus and pita chips
Ha' penny snacks
Mushroom puffs
Sausage swirls
Spinach balls
Baked Ziti
Various Christmas cookies
Peppermint cheesecake

We do have people bringing things as well.  It looks like we'll end up with about 40 people altogether.  It should be a fun day & night. 

Happy New Year!