Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

I promised you all that I'd let you know what Dan's secret gift was.  First of all, this picture cracks me up.  Trying to get him to pose and smile normally is next to impossible! lol  I usually have to wait and catch him when he's not looking.

Okay, now on to the gift.

Dan has been working on a used laptop for the past three years.  About 7 months ago it died totally.  He has been handwriting his sermons and trying to squeeze in time to type them on my computer when he can.  It hasn't been ideal, but he never complains.  So this was something we really wanted to do for him.  That's why I struggled when we gave away the money I had saved.  I had so wanted to give him something he could use and would never expect to get!

It was wonderful to see how God provided the funds again for us to do this for Dan and it was really fun to surprise him this way. 

The boys got it all set up for him and he's as happy as a clam! 

It has been a very nice Christmas here.