Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Perfect Pastor's Wife

What are words you think of when you picture a pastor's wife?  I know some words that go through my mind:

♦ demure
♦ sweet 
♦ gentle
♦ holy
♦ modest in dress and speech
♦ meek
♦ attentive
♦ quiet

What a wonderful picture of a Godly, spiritual lady!  That's the type of person you want as your pastor's wife.  The type of woman you can turn to for spiritual guidance, wisdom and peace and comfort.

I may have blown that image last Saturday night.   ;-).........


This was from a friend's cookie swap.  One of the games was each table had to pick someone to be Santa and dress them from a bag of crepe paper and white cotton.  Fortunately, I was already wearing a red jacket.

Good thing our congregation likes me the way I am!