Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Quiet Day

 Today was a quiet, relaxing day around here.  Overnight snow caused schools to be closed so everyone was home together.  I did a very light day of school with Emily, but most of the day was just puttering around.

♥ Made waffles for breakfast (the first in about 3 years)!

♥ I finished up some yearly reports for our church.

♥ Made two men's neckties.  They are in my Etsy shop, along with cards and a table runner I made this week.  I decided to keep it open a few more weeks and see if things pick up.  So far lots of views, but no purchases. 

♥  Made a pot of soup.

♥ Photographed some birds.

♥ And worked on a baby blanket while watching a movie with the family.

I love days when it snows and we are warm and cozy inside.  Tomorrow it's back to business.  I'm actually going to try and stay off the computer most of the day so I'm posting this tonight.  Have a blessed Thursday!