Monday, January 14, 2013

Multitude Monday

How can you find the multitude of blessings in the mundane of a January Monday?  The excitement and beauty of the holidays are over.  The months stretch out long between now and Spring.  The weather is gray, drab and the snow is melting away, leaving mud and slush everywhere.  

To be honest, my spirits have been as gray and drab as the weather.  My thoughts start turning to dark and depressing things.  I find it hard to feel joy or excitement or peace.  

Yet, this is the very time that I need to number those blessings.  To keep counting.  To keep finding the multitude in the mundane.  God is still there and blessing.  He doesn't go on  hiatus from January until April.  His presence doesn't change.

So I'll keep looking, counting and naming the many ways that the Lord is working in my life.

Today I'm thankful for blessings #1426-1440.

♥ Our car fixed and returned.

♥ Eggs, cheese and cream baked together into something delicious.

♥ Beautiful nature right outside my window.

♥ Slippers.

♥ A wonderful week of school.

♥ A roof over my head.

♥ A daughter who loves to read.

♥ Flushing toilets.

♥ Boys who have become responsible men.

♥ Parsley poking through the snow.

♥ Visiting a dear friend who is struggling with cancer and other health related issues.

♥ Working at breaking old, sinful habits.

♥ Creating a gift for a loved one.

♥ Poetry, written by my son.

and finally...

♥ God's faithfulness in the mundane.