Book Review - "Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey

Back at the beginning of the month, I told you that I would be doing a review of my friend Lisa M. Buske's book, Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey.

This is one of those books that is difficult to put down once you pick it up.  It chronicles Lisa's journey from discovering that her 18 year old sister, Heidi Allen, had been kidnapped from a local convenience store where she was working in 1994.  One man is in prison for the kidnapping and presumed death, and his accomplice was acquitted.

This poignant story shares the journey that Lisa has taken from disbelief, fear, pain, anger, and despair and finally, to acceptance and peace.  She shares how God used this unbelievable tragedy to draw her to Himself.

At the end of the book, there is a section on reflection and questions that correspond with each chapter.  I really enjoyed some of the questions she posed, and they challenged me and made me think!

One of the first things that struck me about Lisa when I met her was her smile and laugh.  I always am so encouraged by her joyful spirit that shines through.  After all she has been through, it is wonderful to see how her love for other people and the Lord shines.

Where's Heidi? will be released on April 3rd, the date of Heidi Allen's disappearance.  You will definitely want to purchase a copy of this book.  It can be found through and Lisa also has information about the book on her website, Lisa M. Buske.  


  1. Terri,

    Thank you for reading and reviewing "Where's Heidi?" as part of the blog tour. I know your schedule looks like mine, lol. Your words are such an encouragement and motivation. I am thankful for the way God guided me as I wrote this book. During the final edit I remember reading something and saying, "Wow, that's really good." God wrote that part, and only Him. LOL I don't know if you have experienced such things, but I am sure you have, where you know it is only God that made this possible.

    It is only with God in my heart that I smile and laugh, the days when the moody crank comes out, I know what is missing. :)

    Thank you again! You touched my heart more than you might understand.

    Lisa M Buske

    1. I definitely know what you mean about God writing some parts. When I review my own writing, I can definitely tell which writing is Him and which is me!! LOL!!

      Again, I was happy to be able to read and review, Where's Heidi? Praying for much blessing upon this book and you!

      (((HUGS))) to you, my friend!

  2. Thank you for the nice review of Lisa's book............its so encouraging to her and us also....she's had a tough journey to get here and as her parents our worries are eased....then people like you who sincerely support her makes our heart smile..............

    1. I was so happy that she asked me to do this. I'm glad that it's been an encouragement to her and to you and your husband. Praying for you all!


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