Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Days


One of those dreary, boring, nothing exciting happening months.  Yet, we're getting through it and finding things to keep us busy.

Things like....

Making cookies
 photo 890b06f8-8cf2-4dab-b70b-a4d1ee332cd8_zps3c1d4da1.jpg

And decorating them.
 photo 77ce0bc3-cbcc-4b44-9449-cbbc25f75ecb_zps2dea4b4e.jpg

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine after a storm.
 photo 815194a3-a778-42d9-b79c-15e3419be61a_zps67f6e11f.jpg

Playing in the snow with a friend. I love that they are still not too old to enjoy making forts!
 photo b4682632-f65b-4e71-a9df-07040cd66f68_zpsef2cd0d2.jpg

 photo 989dc693-b60c-4559-be8f-4c7a94c78376_zps81427c55.jpg

Dealing with roosters who are afraid of the snow! lol

Playing games with Dad.
 photo 5fc5fa6d-b075-4316-a097-124219dddae0_zpsbe6e5316.jpg

Shoveling off roofs which are causing a dripping ceiling.

Celebrating a birthday.
 photo 28695653-0e89-416a-a515-e87a8d02e88d_zps31df407e.jpg

Falling flat on my face in the snow.

We still have a few more weeks to go, but Spring is right around the corner, friends.  

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!