Monday, February 18, 2013

Multitude Monday

Today I'm continuing my journey of giving thanks in all things.  It is not always easy but something I think is necessary in order to keep my attitude where it should be.  I haven't done it in the past few weeks and yep, my attitude went right back to that stinking thinking that I'm so susceptible to get!  

So in an effort to take every thought captive that II Corinthians 10:5 talks about, I'm blessed with the following things today:


♥ Electricity.

♥ Special dinners.
 photo 70f6a249-b8a9-4719-809c-8495202d5a9a_zps2f14c988.jpg

♥ Raising money for a great cause.

♥ Friends who are like sisters.
 photo db234988-1402-4a64-bced-e8ba5e087fd0_zps585ebe5c.jpg 

♥ Finding a bit of clarity in some confusing things.

♥ Early morning silence.

♥ Talking my son through a hard decision.
 photo bce4f73f-ff58-441f-8998-4e1203003cac_zps3b74642f.jpg
♥ The stillness of snow falling.

♥ Chatting with old friends.
 photo ac0d2bcc-f3a9-4dac-8f51-73f416fb8f4b_zpsdac991cd.jpg

♥ Encouraging words.

♥ Great-Grandmas.
 photo e16c72ee-7a22-463b-8d9b-6d773565db99_zps71cf8171.jpg

♥ Being encouraged by the enthusiasm of a young man in our church who is leaving for Chile for 3 months of missions work.

♥ Good smells from my kitchen.

♥ Visiting with a young lady that I watched as a baby, and loving on her baby.
 photo 533b2fee-9410-4b45-8af0-418443a934f7_zpsd9afaf87.jpg

♥ A husband who is infinitely patient with me! 

and finally...

♥ God's word that provides guidance.