Monday, February 4, 2013


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Tee hee hee!!!!  I love secrets and surprises.  My husband doesn't get that at all but it's the way I'm wired.  I love to go out of my way to make something special and surprise someone too.

Dan turns 50 this June.  We also celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary the same month.  So many special days coming up!  He is pretty technologically challenged, and never here on my blog or on facebook so I can plan and share bits and pieces and never worry about him finding out. I have some doozies planned for that man that I love!

The best day of my life was the day that the Lord brought us together.  He makes me laugh all the time.  There are so many wonderful qualities about him, but because he is so easy going and doesn't promote himself, I fear that those qualities often go ignored and unnoticed by many.

So this year is going to be ALL about letting him know how much I and others appreciate him.

I can hardly wait til June! ;-)