Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Using up Scraps

I love to sew and walking into a fabric store can make me want to buy up the place.  Good thing I rarely go, because it's hard to be thrifty in one of those stores! :-)  About a a year ago someone gave me a few boxes of fabric and I've been trying to use a lot of that fabric in the things I make. 

I also find that I have a lot of leftover fabric from the different projects I do. I don't like to quilt, using intricate patterns (not enough patience) so I can't use the leftovers for that.  But I have found a pretty good use for some of it.

 photo dfdb19fe-1bf6-48a8-a2d6-7923a0a05a69_zpsb84d7ff6.jpg

I make these little 9" x 4" tea totes to use to store tea bags in your purse and much of the leftover fabric is perfect for this!

These are some I made this week and they are awaiting the snaps.  I also have improved them by adding thin, stiff batting which has given them so much more durability.  I love the look and feel of them and it also is a great use for the leftover pieces of batting that are too small for any other project.

 photo a3fbddd9-9e20-4a92-a245-35f091d9e2c7_zps09afddfb.jpg