Monday, March 11, 2013

Multitude Monday

Mondays are always sort of a downer.  We are tired from Sundays activities.  It's the beginning of another long week of the same old routine.  Yet, counting the ways the Lord has blessed me over the past seven days gives me the right perspective for the coming week.

I'm continuing the count the many thankful things in my life.  By plugging away and naming a few each week, I've made it to 1,500!  And those are only the blessings I've counted! :-)  

This week I'm thankful for blessings #1496-1510 ~

The time change causing the sunlight to stay longer.

♥ A day home for my husband.

♥ Spring snow which melts quickly.  This was gone within two days.
  photo 098984bd-eaca-45e4-a395-3275eb8e57c3_zps9f3c2663.jpg

♥ A day spent reading just for pleasure.

♥ Dinner out with friends.

♥ A baby shower for a local pregnancy center.  Blessing them with gifts for the new moms. 

♥ Beautiful sunsets.
 photo 4c130302-cd80-4bc0-adc2-383ee43ebf48_zpsc95e75a3.jpg 

♥ Coming home from church to lunch in the crockpot.

♥ Good mid-term grades for Stephen.

♥ A fun night with friends.
 photo cca3a706-cb05-45d6-9144-f9ed1dfd45e6_zpse9f92adf.jpg
♥ Good news about our taxes.

♥ Hot, running water.

♥ A beautiful visitor.
 photo 7786f66d-e9ea-4b82-a63e-b847eaf63ada_zps49e34be4.jpg

♥ Steady hours for my son, Nathan.

and finally...

♥ Planning a birthday surprise for my husband.