Monday, March 25, 2013

Multitude Monday

Holy Week. 

This is a special week on the Christian calendar and many will spend it in reflection on the sacrifice of Jesus and His resurrection.  It is good to do this.  Yet, shouldn't every week be holy?  Shouldn't we view all days and weeks as from the Lord?  Shouldn't we spend each day in reflection and gratitude because of His sacrifice for us?

Each day should be special in it's own right because it is another day that the Lord has made.  He has allowed us to wake up and take another breath.  Each day deserves its own celebration because it is a day to serve Him.  Every week should be spent in thankfulness and gratitude.

This week reflect, ponder, meditate, be thankful, but don't stop there.   Make each day of the year one of overwhelming thankfulness for the blessings He showers upon you.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #1521-1535 ~    

♥ A celebration of a life.

A friend who blessed me with some clothing.

♥ Positive comments about the new book.

♥ Meeting a new friend. 

♥ Seeing our church people reaching out to a sweet woman in a nursing home.

♥ A gift of flowers.

♥ Dinner with friends.

♥ A powerful message.

♥ Nathan enjoying a weekend at the fire academy.

♥ Being asked to cater a party.

♥ A week off for my husband.

♥ Etsy sales.

♥ Visitors at church.

♥ An afternoon out with my daughter.

and finally...

♥ The holiness of each week..