Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Be an Encourager

This morning a very dear friend, Melissa Fischer, interviews me about my new book on her blog, Melissa's Musings and Doodlings.  I have known Melissa for about 20 years and always enjoy spending time with her.  She is a very accomplished artist and writer and is also currently teaching Emily art!

The thing that I love the best about my friend is that she is an encourager!  She always has a kind word and a positive comment.  In a world where it seems so many are intent on tearing down, or are silent when it comes to saying positive words to others, Melissa builds people up.  I always come away feeling good about myself.  I feel enriched and encouraged.  

That doesn't mean she doesn't challenge me from time to time; believe me, she does!  But even during those times, she does it in such a loving and encouraging way.  That is indeed a gift!

I know that many feel defeated and deflated and like they receive no encouragement.  You may be surrounded by people who don't know how to do that.  Some people never received encouragement growing up, and just don't have a clue.  Others are naturally critical.  I find in my own life, that many feel appreciation, but just aren't expressive and don't know how to say the words.

My challenge to you today is to reach out and be the encourager in your relationships.  Make sure that you are letting others know how much the Lord loves them and how valuable they are.  Say, "Thank you," when someone does something for you.  When they do a job, say, "Good job!"  Let them know you appreciate them.   

Write them notes.  Give them hugs.  Say the words.

Encouragement is a habit that needs to be honed.  It won't happen without lots of practice. 

If you do it enough, you may find that those around you begin to change and in turn, develop the habit of encouragement themselves.  

You can read Melissa's interview by clicking on the link above or the link on my sidebar.