Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ladies Luncheon

Yesterday afternoon, I hosted a ladies luncheon for our church, and had the honor of having author, Lisa M. Buske, come and speak about her new book, Where's Heidi?  One Sister's Journey.

The tables were decorated for spring, even though it was a cold and dreary day.
 photo 750fee0e-629d-4c61-b34c-6e2be5d80081_zps7f36743b.jpg

The ladies had lots of wonderful fellowship.
 photo e266baed-d7e4-4dbf-b8e6-9f57adcfb59b_zpseb3bc646.jpg

 photo e73c9039-23c5-439b-bc81-cc6f739e442f_zps9f920984.jpg

 photo 052dd41a-dc3f-4bfd-8dbf-c79d9d7069b4_zps08b46382.jpg

 photo c93053dd-6872-42e6-83fc-50aca40edc18_zps128fd182.jpg

We heard a wonderful message on how God can turn tragedy into triumph.
 photo 5a37a18d-71c0-48ce-b773-c4e7e26afefc_zpsb0a4499b.jpg

 photo 7cf3fda9-d96e-418b-a5b7-639e6701d7d1_zps146ed241.jpg

Up until this point, I had only met Lisa a couple of times and most of our communication has been online.  I knew that we had a lot of things in common, so it was nice to spend a good chunk of time with her yesterday.

 photo 353acf43-9633-4811-982c-4ccca80e1e17_zpsad419029.jpg

Lisa's husband and daughter came too and spent the day with Dan and Emily.  They hit it off immediately and had a great time too.  

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!  I'd encourage you to check out Lisa's book on Amazon, or through her website, which is listed on my sidebar.  You will be blessed!