Monday, April 22, 2013

Multitude Monday

♦ A 9 hour car ride, round trip, joined by a friend.
310 women, lifting their voice in praise.
♦ Chatting with friends I haven't seen since last year.
♦ Meeting new friends.
♦ Praying with someone over a concern.
♦ Hearing powerful speakers. 
♦ Laughing.
♦ Crying.
♦ Pouring out my heart to God.

This described my weekend, as I went to our district's annual Spring Refresh Woman's Conference.  I so needed the time away and even though I'm exhausted, it was a wonderful weekend.  It was truly a time of spiritual refreshment and made me all the more thankful for the many ways I am blessed.

This week I continue to count blessings #1572-1580.   

♥  Stephen getting an A on a very difficult paper and with a tough professor.

♥  The enjoyment of sewing.

Birds outside my window.

♥ A night out with my husband. 

♥ The look and feel of new fabric.

♥ A great conversation with a store owner about my new book.

♥ My son's picture in the local magazine.

♥ A new family in church.

and finally....

♥ A weekend away, getting refreshed!