Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photographs of a Spring Day

I felt the need to get outside and take some photos yesterday.  My camera has been neglected lately and I really needed some fresh air.

Even though things are still pretty brown here, I did notice the grass is getting much greener the past few days.

Bulbs are sprouting green shoots.
 photo c2e10a85-8a17-45b3-80c1-3b6829e2056a_zps41e03bc0.jpg

The birds have returned.
 photo 067a802d-b14c-4c82-b03f-4e3e89a9b990_zpsb7f4ed05.jpg

A fresh breeze was blowing.
 photo 7dabaa9b-141e-45a1-8952-a91d69c11cdf_zps6711deb7.jpg

Buds are opening.
 photo 092c3705-0504-4900-b859-ab0ab91b89ee_zps4618bfb8.jpg

 photo bf5b0828-0293-4c86-8c70-10a517c4e6fb_zpseaf2f171.jpg

 photo b4e32d2e-76cf-4d66-b589-fafbba0b7d5c_zpsfdb8604d.jpg

Nests were here and there.
 photo 43821d43-5975-4b47-bfd8-0cf189b6b1c5_zps37ace89b.jpg

And bits of color were showing.
 photo ef7db9e4-6142-4c93-baf1-3b3ec976b5fe_zpse00a1b32.jpg

A few more weeks and things should be much greener.  I love spring!