Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Boy and His Car

On Saturday, another milestone was reached.   Nathan purchased his first car and Dan went to pick it up yesterday evening.  The car and insurance are in our name, but he made the down payment and is making the monthly payments.  We told him that as soon as it gets paid off, we'll put it in his name.   

He got a 2000 Honda Civic and it's in good shape with fairly low mileage.

 photo d558658f-5b03-4d71-8987-9790255c49c4_zpsf056e52c.jpg

He made me laugh today because every time I saw him, he was standing and staring at it!  He put his blue light in it, put the fire department logo around the plates, and put his gear in it.  

He took it next door to the firehouse to show it off.  He gave one of the fireman a ride who paid him $1.00 for gas.  LOL!!!!!  I reminded him that he should be paying his friends who have been chauffeuring him around for the past two years. :-)

He's happy as a lark!  He didn't even fuss when I wanted to take his picture.  Another step towards independence.