Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Award

I was honored to find out that my friend Julie Ann Monzi nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I haven't felt very inspirational lately so this was a pleasant surprise!

Part of the award is that I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself.  They can be things that inspire me, fun things, humorous things, and/or favorite things.  So I thought I'd throw a mixture in there.

1. My favorite color is yellow.

2. My favorite movies are comedy/adventures.

3. My favorite flavor ice cream in black raspberry.

4. Our honeymoon was a disaster!  We were supposed to honeymoon on a private island off of South Carolina where the company I worked for had a condominium.  My boss left our name at the guard post onto the island.  Well, our plane broke down, we ended up having to get connecting flights that weren't originally scheduled and missed one of them.  We then drove 3 hours through the worst thunder and lightning storm I had ever been in to find our name wasn't at the gate.  We got that sorted out (at midnight)! and then walked into the wrong condominium.  Found the right one, collapsed into a chair and saw the biggest pallmetto bug (think giant cockroach).  I flipped out and started crying and said, "I want to go home!"  Poor Dan.  lol   Fortunately, we made it through and have enjoyed 25 years together!

5.  I am inspired by time with God, good books, beautiful art & music, time spent in Nature.

6.  I snore!

7.  I love old, Victorian style homes.

Thanks again, Julie!