Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nathan

Twenty-two years ago at 3:41 p.m., the doctors laid my 8 lb. 15 oz., 21" long, piercing blue eyed, beautiful boy in my arms after 15 hours of hard labor.  I only got to hold him for a few moments before the roomful of doctors and nurses whisked him away, concerned for him.  I'm glad that at the time I had no clue that there was something wrong.  Nathan's whole life has been one of achieving things most people said he would never be able to do.  

• The pediatrician doubted he would be able to speak well, yet, with speech therapy, he achieved that milestone. 

• The little boy who was petrified of everything, stood in front of a crowd at his Kindergarten graduation and told his father and I why he loved us.

• The child who never learned to read beyond a 5th grade level, recently sat and read a novel about firefighting and got the gist of it.

• The endocrinologist  who said he would be lucky to make it to 5'1" is amazed at how four years of growth hormones helped this man who is now 6' tall.

• The little boy who was terrified of loud noises, including fire sirens, is now a lieutenant on the fire department.

•  The child who struggled to communicate, can if he is given some time, articulate deep emotions and feelings better than some of the most  articulate men and women.

•  This young man who struggles to learn new things, shows a perseverance that puts most of us to shame.

•  The teen who stuck to us like glue five years ago, recently received employee of the month, and is noted for being friendly and social to customers at the store.

•  The young man who has multiple disabilities manages a job, being a volunteer fireman, and his life in general with amazing ability.

God had a plan for that little baby and He still has a plan for this young man who turns 22 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!  Your Dad & I love you and are so proud of you.