Thursday, May 23, 2013

Junk Mail

This post is going to be the equivalent of junk mail; nothing exciting and nothing worth remembering or keeping! ;-) 

In the Kitchen...
Last night was one of those times when my cupboards were bare and I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer to thaw out and both boys had the cars so we were stranded at home.

It was 5:30 and I hadn't a clue what Dan, Emily & I were going to eat.  However, after brainstorming, we ended up with a simple, frugal, and delicious meal and it only took about 15 minutes to make.

I cut up some potatoes and made home fries with onions & peppers.  I also had thinly sliced ham in the freezer so I cut off a few pieces, sauteed it with some onions and peppers and scrambled up some eggs.

 photo 94599788-5a70-43fe-9aff-618750573197_zpsb8b4e9bc.jpg

Simple, yet good!  On a side note, look at the beautiful color of those eggs.  Farm fresh are so much better for you than those pale, washed out looking eggs from the store.

In the Sewing Room...

I recently had an order for an apron with a request.  The customer wanted a bib apron like I normally make, but it was a gift for someone with severe arthritis in her neck and she couldn't have the strap resting behind the neck.  So after brainstorming for a bit, I came up with this one.

 photo b18d4071-598b-4dd8-9fc4-efc88add4ebb_zpsa91973e5.jpg

The straps go over the shoulders, crisscross in the back and then go through loops in the waist to tie in the back.  I actually like this style better!

 photo a405a765-82dd-4cff-be43-b9da12ecae7f_zps96ebb891.jpg

Speaking of eggs...

The cow bird egg hatched the other day and this little one is pretty demanding.  I find it a bit sad that mother Phoebe is flying back and forth all day long feeding a baby that is not hers while the other three eggs go unattended.  Cow birds really are parasites and to be honest, at this stage, not very pretty either! ;-)

 photo 030b7579-4b57-435f-94b2-6e80bbc1104b_zpsfef8e964.jpg


Remember my post about my messy sewing room?  Well, it still looks pretty much the same.  lol  BUT I am getting there.  I've started finding homes for all my homeschooling books.  I've organized much of the crafting materials.  I got rid of a couple of items that were taking up space and needed to find a home in the garbage.

We spent last Saturday with a few people from church and cleaned out two sheds and our basement.  All the Christmas decorations that were taking up space in my upstairs hallway now have a home in one of the sheds.

Next week I'm focusing on closets.  It's always a work in progress, isn't it?


A few weeks ago I went and officially registered my business name, Terri's Country Crafts and Books, and I also applied for an Employer Identification Number, filed and received a certificate to collect sales tax, and opened a business bank account.  So I'm "official" which just means I now get to pay taxes! lol  Now, I just need some actual business.

The Etsy shop has good days and bad days, though the sales are certainly a bit more steady this year.  The book sales have slowed down and that's a little disheartening.  It is one of the difficulties of going the self-publishing route.  I have to promote, promote, promote and I do have limited resources for that.  On the plus side, a local store is carrying my book. 

So, there you go.  You've had your fill of junk mail from me for a while. :-)