Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

 photo 06b9043d-0210-44c2-a8d5-8cba22e89e03_zps5997d1c9.jpg

It poured all day Saturday and Sunday was overcast and drizzly, but Monday dawned clear, sunny and warm.  What a glorious day!

Nathan had a parade in the morning.

The rest of the day was spent just enjoying the family and spending it outdoors.

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I planted flowers and that went a long way towards lifting my spirits.   

 photo 6720d00f-de45-43b4-9032-1f5a33ba65f1_zpsde75c256.jpg

The flower boxes and hanging baskets are full and back on the porch.

 photo 1e310872-280f-47ae-b967-3946a2d915b5_zps5d06a579.jpg

I planted some lavender and a few herbs.  This is the first year in about 10 that I will not have a vegetable garden.  I feel kind of sad about that.  Just a bit, but not enough to change my mind. ;-)
 photo bd9b1fb9-2d9d-48b8-bf78-c1f8b5644c75_zps18167be2.jpg

I made sun tea for the first time in a year and threw in some lemon balm.  Yum!
 photo 639040e0-54b8-4674-be6f-545e1e5ef4fa_zps2497ce48.jpg

Emily washed the car for her dad.  Stephen washed the other car.

 photo 8e0f0727-e208-4065-8f99-b6825fa6e882_zps5fc8dc71.jpg

I got to sit and chat with Dan.  He got to spend time with the kids.

We kept an eye on the baby birds who have all hatched.  This chick is the cowbird.  I'm not sure how much food the three Phoebe chicks are getting because this one is so much bigger than the rest and seems to be covering them completely with its body.  As you can see, mother Phoebe barely has room for herself!
 photo 400fc028-82c2-4585-9819-62054fd3b52b_zpsf9b5e2b9.jpg

Then I made steak with carmelized onions and mushrooms, baked potatoes and Parmesan crusted zucchini for dinner.   Simple, but delicious.

It was the perfect day!  

Today was back to school, work and rain.  I'm definitely ready for consistently sunny and warm temperatures.