Monday, June 10, 2013

Mulititude Monday

When I think of Mondays, there are many words that come to mind...





"Meh" - lol




Many of these words come as a result of a crazy weekend.  Weekends generally are not relaxed for a pastor's family.  This weekend especially was very busy.  

Our youth group had an all day tag sale, craft fair and car wash to raise money for camp.  I cleaned the church, did the bulletins, Dan & I planned out the service, I led worship, wrangled a very busy, but adorable new little girl the entire service, and then went grocery shopping in the afternoon because our cupboards were literally bare.  Not a meal could have been planned with what I had left. 

So Mondays are the day when everything comes crashing down.  The house looks like an explosion happened.  I always feel down on Mondays.  It's hard to want to do much of anything.  My poor husband still has to get up and go to his other job so I really shouldn't be complaining at all.

So participating in Multitude Monday each week is one way to refocus my mind where it should be.  It helps to look back over the previous week and see exactly what my blessings were.  Sometimes they are little things that most would never notice and other times they are huge.  But no matter the size, they are all signs of God's hand on my life.

This week I am thanking God for blessings #1626-1644.

♥ Pretty Pansies.

♥ Sweet smells in the air.

♥ Sold books.

♥ Dwindling piles of clutter.

♥ The smell of fresh baked cookies.

♥ Enthusiastic teens.

♥ Crafty creations.

♥ Chatting with friends.

♥ Safety for two of our teens involved in an ATV accident.

♥ Clearing skies for the tag sale after two days of pouring rain.

♥ Money raised for summer camp.

♥ Croaking frogs.
♥ Spiritual renewal happening in the lives of people in our church.

♥  Hands lifted in worship.

♥ New visitors at church.

♥ A full refrigerator.

♥ A husband who holds down the fort when I'm ill.

♥ The wonderful smell of fresh herbs.

and finally...

♥ Multitude Mondays.