Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Old House

This old house was built in the late 1800s.   There was a fire here at one point so it has been remodeled on the inside and an addition was built on as well about ten years ago.  As much as I complain about the stonewall and wood basement that I'm afraid to go in, the cold in the winter, and the upstairs windows and rotting frames that need to be replaced, I do love it.

I tend to look at the negative at times and today want to focus on what I love about this old house.

♥ The downstairs has a large open dining room and living room perfect for entertaining.  We've had families over, had large gatherings, small group, and a teen group meeting here over the past few years.

♥ Everyone has their own bedroom.  In our last house the boys shared a room and that posed problems as they got older and larger! lol

♥ I have a sewing room.  No more setting up and tearing down a sewing machine every time I want to sew or craft.  It's a large room and has also been used to house people when we have overnight company.

♥ There is a small deck on the back (large enough for a small table and one chair) where I can sit and have my quiet time in the morning, without having cars driving past and looking every five minutes.

♥ Other than the upstairs back bedrooms, the house stays fairly cool in the summer.  

♥ It's right next door to the church.  We are able to have quick and easy access to anything we need to prepare for ministry.

♥ It's two doors down from the fire house.  I'm sure everyone has seen Nathan sprinting to the fire house from time to time.  No more white knuckled rides to get him to the fire house before the truck goes out.

♥ I never know what I'll see when I look out my window.  We've had deer, bear, coyotes, a mountain lion, fox, woodchucks, possum, and every bird imaginable pass through or take up residence on the property here.

♥ The flower beds have potential.  They'd have even more potential if I knew what I was doing! ;-)

♥ It's accessible.  People know it's the parsonage and that we are here and feel free to stop by anytime.  I love living in a house where people feel comfortable.

I love this old house.  It has many flaws, but there are also many positives.  The biggest positive of all is that I have a roof over my head!  That is the biggest reason not to complain. :-)