Thursday, July 25, 2013


This has been a good week.  A good week because I've done a lot of puttering around my home.

♥ I've vacuumed.

♥ I've baked bread.

♥ Done loads of laundry.

♥ Sat on my porch and enjoyed the view.

♥ I've caught up on some paperwork.

♥ Written notes.

♥ Made cookies.

♥ Worked on my new book.

There have been no events.  No appointments.  No place to be and nothing pressing to do. 

I need a week like this every now and then.  A week to just focus on what is important.  To focus on the things in my life that need attention.  To be able to chat with my husband and the boys without feeling rushed (Emily is at camp).

I love being able to make sure everything is running smoothly on the home front and sometimes I need to remember that I need to slow down to do that!  I'm trying to learn to enjoy these quiet times when they come instead of always thinking about the next thing.  This week I succeeded.