Friday, August 2, 2013


I called the doctor the other day to try and find a time when I could get in there to have him sign a form for Emily.  The receptionist said, "Why don't you have your husband bring it in when he comes in for his appointment this afternoon."  I said, "What appointment?"

Long story short, Dan's blood pressure has been shooting up dangerously high.  After having a bout of it at work the other day, he called to make the appointment.  Turns out, it's not health related but stress related.  The toll of working a full-time job, pastoring a church and not having a vacation or a regular day off in a few years is catching up to him.  His blood pressure shoots up, his heart starts racing, and he feels like he is going to pass out.  The doctor told him that your body can only take so much before it is overloaded.  

So he needs to find ways to de-stress.

That's what we are doing tomorrow.  I don't know what we are doing yet, but I am taking my husband, finding a body of water somewhere and going to RELAX  We are not going to talk about the church or ministry.  We are going to enjoy each other and whichever of our children come with us.

So, my dear husband needs some prayer and some loving kindness.  I can do both and I hope you will do the former!
Have a blessed weekend!