Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stay Focused

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Wastefulness.  Do you ever think how much time we waste on useless pursuits?  Add up all the minutes and hours wasted on facebook, television shows, magazines, talking on the phone, and a host of other things.  It is enough time to span months and years.

I've been feeling a bit annoyed at myself lately about the amount of time I fritter away on the computer, specifically facebook.  I usually am up and down all day, and when I'm on, it may be 10 minutes here and there, but it adds up very quickly.  I am a very social person and love the interaction.  I also do use a lot of my facebook activity for ministry, but I definitely need to regulate it better. 

I am the church secretary and much of the work involves the computer and internet.  I also use it a lot for business both book and crafts so it's unrealistic to think that I'm not going to be online.  But I think that scheduling the online time will help me to use my time more wisely.

There is so much more I can be doing around here and it often doesn't happen, not because I don't have the time but because I waste the time.  I was determined yesterday to stay focused and spend the day being productive.  And I was.

It's amazing what I can accomplish when I keep my mind on the task.  I always make a to-do list every day, but it's very rare that I finish it.  However, this was what it looked like yesterday.

♦ Quiet time with the Lord.

♦ Check emails, blog, facebook

♦  Make Dan's lunch

♦ Clean up the kitchen & load dishwasher

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♦ Weed garden for 1/2 hour - Side note: I am really kicking myself for not planting this year.  I miss the fresh veggies and really hate paying money to can vegetables that I could have for free.  So I decided to start weeding a bit of the garden and at least put in some cooler weather vegetables.  

There is a jungle out there with weeds waist & shoulder high.  I ended pulling a muscle in my...ahem...behind yesterday and spent the rest of the day limping around the house.  lol  I also looked out the window later in the day, and there are now three woodchucks out there on the yard (mama and older babes), so we'll see how the whole gardening thing goes.

♦ Prepare fresh tomato and basil pasta sauce for lunch

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♦ Marinate salmon for dinner.

♦ Make a blueberry pie.

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♦ Wet dust with Murphy's Oil Soap entire downstairs, including kitchen cabinets.

♦ Vacuum downstairs rooms.

♦ 2 loads of laundry.

♦ Prepare for teen Bible study.

♦ Power point for Sunday's worship.

♦ Pull music for Sunday's worship.

♦ Lunch & cleanup, run dishwasher. 

♦ Sew 

♦ Trip to post office to mail birthday gifts.

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♦ Bible study with teen girls (I drive to them so drive time takes about 40 minutes round trip)

♦ Dinner preparation

♦ Unload dishwasher from breakfast & lunch

♦ Dinner & cleanup

♦ Worship practice

♦ Crochet

Other than sewing, the list was finished yesterday.  Wowzers!  I love productive days so I need to make sure they happen more often.  I just need to do what my teachers used to tell me, "Stay focused!"